Thursday, April 28, 2011

new dresses

My mother in law took me and my daughter out shopping over the weekend.

She knows that all I wear is dresses so that's what she bought me,....check them out:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying Clothes For Your Children Online

Author: Jules Sims

As parents, everyone wants to make sure that their kids not only look their best but that their clothes are comfortable as well. In today's world of appearances, it is not just an advantage but a necessity to look and feel your best. That applies to your children as well, with the added responsibility of their comfort and health. Children's clothing is of profound importance to their health and well being. The children of today are exposed to a world where fashion and style play big roles. Every child wants to be a part of his/her peer group. Here the child's clothing and apparel are an important part of their overall sense of belonging. Your child needs to be unique and yet a part of his circle of friends. Children's clothes range from night clothing to casual everyday wear. What is important at all times is that the clothes a child wears is not detrimental to the child's health in any way. Children's clothing cover a wide range and every parent's choice is specific to the child's needs and wants. Clothes are made from wide variety of materials that are blended and changed to provide easy usage. It is important for every parent to ensure that the clothes that the child is wearing would not cause any discomfort or long term health disorders of any kind. Children's clothing include accessories, inner clothing, night wear, play clothes, costumes, formal wear...the list goes on. Any parent should opt for natural fabrics like cotton and wool for everyday wear. Artificial fabrics can sometimes cause skin irritation and other disorders. For everyday use including night clothing and play time apparel, natural fabrics for children's clothing is the most comfortable and safest way of ensuring that your child is comfortable and healthy. Attractive children's clothing for occasions and special activities is a must for any child. Bright and lively colors bring out the best in a child. Animated characters on clothes and accessories make dressing up fun for children. Smart suits for boys and pretty dresses for girls are every parent's first choice. Children love to imitate adult clothing and what's more they look much better than adults do! Imagine your six year old daughter in a short skirt with leggings and boots with pink glares. She is a complete knockout. Or your ten year old son with loose jeans, a sports jacket and red and white sports shoes. A complete heart breaker, isn't he? Online retailers offer a full range of children's clothing for any occasion, be it for a good nights sleep or a Christmas party. Online retailers clothing are attractive and designed for comfort and style. Online retailers provide children's clothing for any kind of weather. They are meant to protect your child while letting them have their freedom. You can have your pick of all weather clothing to designer wear for those special times. Online retailers specialize in blending comfort with convenience. Every piece of clothing is designed keeping in mind the importance of your child's health and appearance. You can make your piece more unique by ordering a specific design or you can have your child's name embroidered on.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Art Sandals - The First Choice of Everyone

Author: John Samual

Everyone wants to be fashionable and stylish and for this they prefer wearing branded, high-quality stuff. People are also concerned about their shoes apart from clothes and accessories. They want their shoes that can provide comfort to their feet and at the same time, give them a fashionable look. This article is about Sandals from the Art footwear brand.

The Art sandals are the right choice for you if you are looking for the high quality sandals for your feet that combine functionality, comfort and ease with style. These sandals from Art are highly fashionable and are of high quality. While walking you will not have any problem because these sandals are flexible and they have a rubber sole. Since these sandals are made of durable and flexible rubber soles they can be used regularly. Your posture will be great and you acquire a new, confident poise once you wear this exclusive Art footwear.

You can get these Art sandals in various designs and patterns and while manufacturing these sandals the company has maintained all the standards. They have used natural leather to make the upper and inner part of the soles. This sandal will give your feet the natural and organic comfort. Gladiator sandals, wedge heels and flats are some styles of sandals available from Art. You will never regret if you purchase these sandals from Art because they offer additional comfort to your feet and they have good padded soles.

The manufacturers of Art sandals have kept the latest fashions and trends in mind while designing the sandals. Your look will be complemented when you wear these sandals. You can wear these sandals any time whether it is a casual occasion or a formal occasion, as these are made to suit all types of occasions. The sandals are worth the price that you pay in terms of the comfort they give, their durability and the fashionable look they impart. The young generation in UK prefers to get these funky and trendy pair of sandals because they are highly durable and fashionable—a perfect combination.

Even among the young crowd, the Art sandals are quite popular because of the trendy look. They come in hip designs and have trademark thickset stitching that adds to their unique style. You do not have to worry about the quality of the sandal as every care is taken to ensure quality whether it is materials or styling. These sandals will never go out of fashion because they are designed to always look trendy and fashionable. These sandals have gained a lot of popularity amongst the people in UK.

Chaco Paradox Kids Ecotread Eco, Outdoor, Sandals Kids Kiwi/Hearts

Art sandals offer great value for money and are available in different price ranges so that you can choose the sandal of your choice according to your budget.

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You will get the Art sandals at a better price if you purchase them from the online These sandals are easy to buy, as they are also available in almost all the shoe stores in the UK.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheap Casual Dresses

Author: annalily

Most of the stylish dresses are the often formal dresses which we often wear in offices and parties and casual dresses are not considered stylish or impressive. But now fashion industry has prevailed upon all kinds of dresses and now even the cheap causal dresses are being consistently produced by world leading brands. These cheap causal dresses reflect the latest design trends and styles. So if you are tired of wearing formal dresses that you would wear in offices and other social gathering can be replaced with designers stylish cheap causal dresses which not only keep you comfortable but also present you as stylish and pretty woman. There are many kinds of cheap causal dresses like business casual dresses and many more but it is up to you for what occasion you need cheap causal which could give you desired look. The selection of casual dress depends upon the event or the nature of gathering. You need not be formal at least as far as dressing is concerned for any social gathering. If you are going to attend a benefit luncheon with the toast of society, or if you want to spend the day in park on holiday, you can wear cheap casual dress like skirt casual dress on these occasions without being formal to wear fashion formal dresses. A simple white cardigan or a chunky antique necklace can make a casual dress entirely different stylish trendy dress. The cheap stylish casual dresses are available in almost all colours, fabric and style. These casual dresses are found in prints or pastel patterns, spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, v necks, round necks and many more. These cheep causal dresses are perfect for all occasion in all weathers. So if you are planning to go out in hot weather for outdoor, cheap causal dresses keep you comfortable in all types of activities. These days choosing perfect dress for you is an easy job because there are number of websites on which you can choose your favourite colour. Perfect fittings and beloved style to order it online. is one most credible and popular online place to choose your favourite cheap casual dress. They also provide free shipping delivery at your place within 2-3 business days.

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Polo and golf shirts are fashionable clothes for everyone

Author: paul Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf

Apolo shirt is a knitted, short-sleeved jumper shirt with a buttoned placket, a small opening at the neckline, and attached collar. Polo shirts were opening knit from wool jersey but soon were knit with cotton and other soft materials. The first polo shirts were part of the uniforms shabby by polo players on teams in England and the United States starting at the start of the nineteenth century. (Polo is a game in which two teams on horseback use long-handled mallets to drive a ball into the differing team's goal.) By the late 1920s polo shirts became the favored shirts of golfers, tennis players, and men sailing yachts who exposed their comfort and the ease of movement they allowed.

Tennis player Jean RenĂ© Lacoste (1904–1996) even started advertising his own brand of polo shirt with a crocodile logo embroidered on the chest in respect of his nickname, "Crocodile." As sports greater than before in popularity into the 1930s, polo shirts became fashionable shirts for men watching sports or just lounging around. No matter the sport or casual matter to which men chose to wear these sporty shirts, the shirts have always been called polo shirts.Very rich men through the golf shirt fashionable.

At the lowest point of the economical turmoil of the Great Depression (1929–41) new, fashionable clothes were only available to the wealthy. Fashion magazines crammed their pages with descriptions and pictures of the outfits worn at fancy vacation spots such as the French Riviera or Palm Beach, Florida. By the mid-1930s the polo shirt was among the most popular relaxation shirts for men. Esquire magazine reported that navy blue golf shirts had reached the "status of a uniform" on golf course in 1934, according to O.E. Schoeffler and William Gale in their book Esquire's Encyclopedia of 20th Century Men's Fashions. usually made of a plain knit material, polo shirts with a herringbone model were also preferential.

The style developed to include versions with buttons down the whole front and some with no buttons, only a V-neck opening at the is a very customary sport and there are many different rules that players must follow when it comes to rules on the golf course. One of these rules that finds itself all across the world of golf, it that all players playing golf on a private golf course, must wear a collared shirt. So there's the firstthing you require to know about golf shirts. You have to now make sure that the one you purchase has a collar on it.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is Trending in the Street Wears

Author: davinfoster

Street wear culture has affected the style of dressing among the teenagers. Now they want to wear those dresses that can appeal to their personality as well as it should be comfortable. Mostly these street wears are available in different shades that are also designed in a funky way. Well, this is the latest trend among teenagers but street wear clothes are also popular and have got a huge demand among other categories of customers, as well.

However if you are still unaware about this trend then don't get confused with the hip hop culture of clothing. The clothes with hip hop touch not only give a funny look to the teenagers but generally the designs are very heavy and that's why they are mostly preferred for party wearings.

In street wear clothing there are some new versions in jackets, long jeans, tank tops, knitted jumpers and scarves that are trendy and cover all types of clothes.

The streetwear clothing is now developing with unique features in which there are many varieties in the texture of clothe. If we talk about the men's trend in the street wear category then we will find that sneakers are the topmost choice. Well, they are mostly preferred in the age group of 30 to 45.

If we talk about the beautiful designs that can catch the attention among the crowd of people, then obviously the athletic jerseys are the top notch choices. With the unique prints and good quality clothes these jerseys are equally popular among the men of all ages.

If you are still looking for the classic leather jackets then you don't need to go anywhere as street wear clothing has many alternatives in this section. You can get the jackets at cheap rates with good quality clothe as designers and manufacturers are working in this direction to give a high quality product for the customers with low budget.

There are very big names in this industry that are branding and marketing the street wear cloths and people mostly prefer to buy from these sources as they are trustworthy. There is a good news for the customers that they can do shopping for their favorite clothing brands by sitting at home through the websites.

These websites have the list of rates and images of their products from which you can select what you want to buy and add it to your cart. Just give a try to find out how shopping for street wear clothing is becoming simple these days.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forte Forte: The Comfort In Everyday Fashion

Author: parlourx

Forte Forte fashion embodies femininity with a twist. It is an Italian brand which popularized the concept of labeling their creations as "dress" for dresses, "pant" for pants, and so on. The more specific branding gave their creations a strong market recall. Through the years, this fashion line has been adored by women from all across the globe for their simple yet cutting-edge designs. Forte Forte gives us dresses that we can wear every day. They're not too grandiose and out-of-this-world but they ensure comfort to the wearer without having to compromise style.

The fashion line appeals to women who want to look glam and fab without going too overboard. Forte Forte pieces will turn heads but they won't put you in the spotlight for a long time. Nonetheless, the line is a huge hit among women, young and old alike, who are looking for staple fashion pieces that combine function and great style.

We've scoured online stores for the best Forte Forte pieces and here's our list of must-haves:

Black velvet jacket. This piece is made from cotton and velvet. Its very relaxed and comfortable style makes it the ideal staple for work. In as much as we want to look different at the work place, there are office attire standards to follow. The Forte Forte black velvet jacket is the perfect combination of "decent" and "stunning." Wear it with a pair of pumps and stilettos, slacks or skirt – it's still guaranteed to look good on you.

Beige long dress. This nearly full-length dress will make you a head turner without having to try too hard. It's very simple but it clings into the body and flaunts your curves perfectly. The slightly crinkled effect and the lacy skirt accentuate this Forte Forte piece. Because the dress is minimal in design and neutral in color, you can use any of your favorite accessories. To get the best look, match it with a pair of boots, a soft-material belt, or a scarf.

Short dungaree. If you're looking for the perfect summer wear, this short dungaree will make you look longer and thinner. Spaghetti straps will show off your collar bones. It has a garterized waistline that hugs into your body perfectly. The best thing about this Forte Forte summer wear is that it's very comfy to wear. Match it with your favorite stiletto for a girly appeal or with a pair of sneakers if you're feeling a little outdoorsy.

Forte Forte pieces are now available on-line Parlour X. Parlour X is Sydney's most fabulous shopping designation & its new online boutique offers coveted collections from the world's most influential, leading designers.

Click onto the Parlour X website ASAP & discover this fabulous exciting new shopping experience….

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